Wednesday, September 21, 2011

penelope and coco.

I have definitely done a post regarding Penelope and coco.  Well I can truly say that the woman behind the shoe line is the most gorgeous, talented and brilliant person.  Her shoes are like art pieces.  I FINALLY was able to grab a pair and I CANNOT wait to get them in the mail aka every time someone comes into work with a package I think it's for me....Anywho I went to this shindig at the Revolve store for a little drinky poo of some champagne to see Penelope and coco as well as some other vendors.  And ofcourse bloggers and photogs where there :)  to my lovely surprise my girlfriend found this gem on Refinery 29

I was super stoked on what the girl said about me!  Too cute!  I am wearing Jeffrey Campbell "throwdown" shoes, One Teaspoon dress, vintage hat, LF leather jacket. <3  Yay to feeling put together!

**seriously though on making the picture bigger! help!**

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