Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one mans trash is anothers mans treasure

I have always been a Nordys girl at heart, but ever since working in the Fashion Industry and following fashion blogs like it's my job, I have grown a true appreciation for thrift and for vintage. My friend Amanda was so excited to take me thrift shopping that we decided to go yesterday since I had the day off. We ended up going to a local thrift store that she had never been in and was dying to see what it was like. Bargain Boutique is not only a great place it is run by Senior Citizens! All the grandmas were adorable! It has great clothes, furniture, and accessories..even though it was our first store I ended up getting my first pair of Vintage sunglasses and a really cool candle holder that reminded me of anthropologie. We headed over to Melrose where Amanda found two amazing purses! (so jealous). We have soo many more stores on our list!! Anywho here are my first pieces!!
Laura Biagiotti...when I got home I went on Ebay and found soo many of her sunglasses and for not too expensive, anywhere from $20-$60...I'm in love
This candle holder was only $12 and I just could not resist!!!!
my first two pieces!!!!

hat:Urban Outfitters
dress: Pink Zone (in san diego)
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: JC exclusive for LF stores

soo happy with my purchases! If anyone knows of any really cool vintage stores email me!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

anna sui for target

I dont have a Mac computer at home so I have nooo idea how to copy and paste crap therefore tonights blog is going to have no pictures..sadface..but i do have some fun news!! According to W Mag Anna Sui is designing a line for Target!!! Not only will it be in over 600 stores she is going to have it online too! Anna Sui is getting inspired by the girls on Gossip Girl, "by combining the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour, we created a collection that exudes New York City fashion." I cant wait for the line to be out on September 13! Sad to say it will be a miniseries and only last till October 17th..Im still stoked to see what she has lined up! On another note I feel a little photo sesh coming up soon!! Night

Friday, July 24, 2009

zippers and zoe

Kims outfit was to die for today so I just hhaddd to take a picture. Doesnt she look just precious :) love you!!!
outfit: Lf stores from head to toe! (blazer, top, necklace, jean shorts, thigh highs, and shoezies!) Check out her awesome edgy zipper thigh highs!

The "horn" necklace-LF stores

And introducing "Zoe" by Sam Edelman (LF stores)
I am house sitting and dog sitting tonight so I have to say goodnight and cut my blog short, but I will be posting again soon!!! xoxo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the new "it" girls...complete opposites and gorgeous!

Lara Stone..known for her imperfect teeth and unique look. This picture is from the August issue of W. Shes dutch. She gorgeous. and according to W she's got some meat on her bones.
Brooklyn Decker. I am sure you have heard of her. Shes Andy Roddicks other half and beautiful. She was born in '87 and is a Sports Illustrated bombshell!!!
MET Costume Institute Gala
and i need to go to the gym......
Sports Illustrated

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

short and sweet

Giles Deacon Fall 2009..gorgeous! Balenciaga Fall Preview 2009..umm i want the fur coat and the shoes!
Sorry its such a short posting, my house keeps getting brown-outs so our power keeps going on and off because of the heat so I figured I'll keep it short and sweet..I have work off tomorrow and Wed so I will be for sure posting!! Ps is anyone obsessed with AA?? because I totally am especially their mesh body suit to go under a slashed dress...hmmm..its on the list...night xoxo!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

LA summer nights

Some inspiration for the day...sequins sequins and more sequins...i cannot wait for the Fall to see what designers have up their sleeves

Ashish S/S 2009 Among my favorite designers has to be Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang S/S 2009



Anna Sui

"People who go to my fashion shows kinda go to a rock concert"-Anna Sui (Fashion Now 2)

I am still moving into my parents place after graduating and my room is quite a disaster, but I have decided to decorate my room differently than I did in San Diego, so I went to Bed Bath and Beyond (which over by where I live is totally remodeled!) and found this perfect picture!!...I am in love!!

After work tonight I hung out with The Creamers aka Hotels!!! and Ellen was cleaning out her closet so she gave me this amazing jacket by Alberto Makali...its beautiful! This picture is the sleeve and the one below it is the jacket
I love it when I can get together with the Creamsters!!!! Me and Lauren at the Grove!

my outfit:
Please leather jacket
Millau blouse
Car Mar denim
Vintage necklace
Laurens outfit:
Banana Republic tank
Banana Republic strappy tank
AA skirt
Tiffany jewelry

Saturday, July 18, 2009

simple solutions and comparative shopping

I am going to try my best and post a blog everyday, so sorry for not posting one last night. I came home from work and ended up going out to dinner with friends and stayed out pretty late. Work was exhausting today and I am so ready for a better day tomorrow. Last week I went to Barnes and Noble and came across a book called Real Simple Solutions . It shows all these really neat diys!! I am sure most of you have heard of it and I have too, but I finally got a chance to look through it and here are some of the cool ideas it mentioned..

Ok so maybe my camera taking skills of the page werent so great buttt this is an ice maker tray and what a nifty idea! Use it not only for ice, but for your little trinkits..rings, earrings etc!! I thought it was cool because I am always loosing little earrings in my jewelry drawer.

Pencil Eraser!!!

a. mistake corrector
b. earring securer!!!!

I loose the backings to my earrings all the time! I have like 9 I have to keep track of!

Last, but definitely not least (there were so many fix it ideas I had to pick my favs) this is a sweater with a pumice stone

a. Callus reducer

b. Pill remover for a wool sweater, get those nasty balls of material off stat!!!

After looking through the book and guided myself to my favorite section of Barnes..magazines! aahhhhh!! I was looking through Elle and found these bad boys!!! Not only are they amazing I found knockoffs!

These shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti that can be found here for $751 OORRRRRR..

These awesome ones named the ROCKER by Jeffrey Campbell EXCLUSIVE to LF stores for only $125 click here.

I own them and I think they are ridiculously amazing!! and comfortable!!! They come in tan with a white wedge and black with a black wedge

Another sweet deal I found were white slash denim! I found some by Acne which look like this for $325 butt LF stores still have them beat (pic on the bottom-find here for $196)!!! In case you cant tell I am so in love with LF stores!

And here is what I wore for the day!

fedora: pink zone (for $12)
throw over: Millau (LF stores)
Tank: Emma and Sam ( LF stores)
Denim: Era of Chaos (LF stores)
body armor: DIY plus forever 21
shoes: my favorite pair I own..Kelsi Dagger (LF stores)

Goodnight girlies!!! and boys too ;) until tomorrow! Hope everyone is having an awesome fun weekend! the weather is soooo hot! make sure and hit the beach!!! I would if I could!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

at sunset

~LF stores floral dress
~American Rag motorcycle jacket
~Vintage diamond belt
~Michael Kors silver watch
~Kelsi Dagger booties
(purchased at LF stores)

Vintage blouse
H&M black tutu
Forever 21 necklace made into body armor
Random vintage rings along w my tiffanys heart ring
Ok so I am still trying to get the hang of this upload picture thing, it took me forever! Today was a long day at work, but I wanted to make sure and put up something for tonight so I chose my newly done photos Kenneth took of me! Hope you like them! Sweet Dreams Goodnight!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

futuristic fetish feel

Luckily today was my day off of work so my plan was to flip through magazines, shoe browse, update myself with the blogs I follow as well as study some designers. Well I am pleased to say I accomplished all of my tasks and managed to squeak in a lil photo sessh with the ever so amazing KMack! You will see those photos soon enough! In the meantime I came across these photographs that I completely fell head over heels for...
The girl is wearing my obsession color for the summer! This melon color is to die for!! Anything this color I want to buy! Her bag is a perfect yellow and her peep toe booties give the flower ditsy print more of an edge..its a beautiful outfit. ( Veronique Leroy S/S 09)

Are you ready for Fall?? I am not so much ready for Fall as in the season, but the Fall fashion I am totally stoked about! I stumbled across this photo of Meadham Kirchoffs A/W 09/10 Fall fashion line up and really liked the lighting, not to mention the extremely tight dress.

I WANT THESEEEEE!!!!!!!! Ok so not only would I be like 6ft 2 in them they are ridiculously gorgeous! These John Galliano leather and wood booties so want to be in my closet!

Cheap Monday Fall Preview! Looks like jean jackets might be here to stay!!! On that note its bedtime for me! Off to work tomorrow! More to come!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

immersed within...

Welcome fashionistas!!! Ok so I have been a fashion blog follower for months now and I am obsessed with all the different creativity, ideas, and styling you girls have out there in the blogging world. So I have decided it was time to make a fashion blog, one I can call my own and put my inspired ideas out there. If you are reading this I am sure you would like to know a little bit about me. My name is Carly and I recently graduated college and work in the fashion industry. I am immersed within the style, color, fashion, texture, designs, and ultimately can't get enough of it on a daily basis. I have mentioned my fashion blog idea to everyone I know and luckily one of them is amazing at taking portrait shots and can't wait to help me out! Thanks Kenneth! Also I wanted to thank I came across one of his photos online awhile back and knew I was going to use it for my header! Thanks John. Get excited more blogs and pics are coming your way asap!
sweatshirt: AA
hat: UO
pants: Nordys
necklace: Jessica Simpson