Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9 months.

Wow.   I have not been on for 9 months!  Crazyness.  Well this is what I have been up to....hmmm since January...I have moved on from retail and onto wholesale...went from being in a relationship for 7 years to being single...went from blonde to ombre (figured I would follow the trend)...went from eating sweets on the reg to none at all....went from buying to DIYing....pretty much sums it up..haven't missed much :) Here are some pictures (if you aren't already friends with me on FB-I am a whore when it comes to pictures) to see what I have been..well...doing...?...

My studio: A work in progress, but still my little nest I get to come home to...

Global Party I attended with a few of my girlfriends with my extensions...I named Lolita...

I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT dreamcatcher sifting through vintage and thrift stores to Anthropology to crazy expensive ones online and I FINALLY found UO of all places!  I was with a girlfriend of mine and when I saw it I got the chills...thats when I know it's something I HAVE to have!  It is beautiful...the feathers, the turquoise stones, the color...its me...if I was a dreamcatcher :)

So I did it...I did what EVERY other Fashionista has done and went Ombre.  I felt like I had to at least try it and I am not gonna lie, I really really love it.  I am going in on Saturday to get more blonde at the tips.  I get so bored and I am ALWAYS changing my hair because it always grows :)

This is the love of my life Jack...his mom is in the above picture.  Since I am the only child him and his sister call me Auntie Carly <3  They both are my babies :) oh and I have become OBSESSED with Instagram App!  I take everything picture with it!

It was my birthday on the 2nd, so what did  I do? ummm shop...and when I mean shop I mean go into every Vintage store in Ocean Beach and find any goodie I could get my hands on.  Luckily my friend Lynds is patient enough to tag along.  I was on the mission for jewelry and furniture.  Did and done.

Made time for last minute adventures...K and I at the W hotel for a random night of feels good to be spontaneous.

This is while I was in San Diego for my birthday.  These angle wings are by a coffee shop in Pacific Beach and its been a going on trend for me to take a picture with them whenever I get a chance to.

Another one of my projects <3
 My hair...when I actually have the time to do it aka Lindsay..she is unbelievable at hair especially updos-its her thing!! Check out her website out here.  I NEVER go out without her doing my hair!

A little goodie found on the internet for inspiration for my room :)

I noticed that I have been taking A LOT of pictures of light fixtures...or just lights...oh and food.

These are just a few quotes that are getting me through the rough's been 6 months and it still stings...I am afraid my heart was taken and I will never get it back...

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