Tuesday, December 14, 2010

lace and feathers

It's a really small picture, but check out www.liveloveshopla.com for street style!!! I am the third from the left on top!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Black diamonds and Gold..what more could a girl want for the Holidays??!!!  Ummmm I want!!   Located at Vionnet!!!  Ugh I am soooo In LoVe!!!!

mcfadin purch.

So I had a meeting to go to the other day and needed a purse to fit all of my crap in.  Needless to say I had my heart set on this one purse..size of a carry-on, for awhile and I made it mine.  The purse is by the sisters Stacy and Laurie McFadin.  They are all Handmade in Texas with the inspiration of Fashion, Love, and their Texan Heritage!  Check out their website, they have this Amazing fringe purse I am drooling over ehem Hanukkah/Christmas...Well back to traffic school..they have this timer situation now so you can't go forward until the timer is up therefore you have to take 8 hours of online traffic school :(  I'm never speeding again!  Happy Hump Day!  Oo and I forgot to mention the FeAtHeRs!  The feathers are a clip in for your hair and they are now a current staple to my everyday outfit <3  If you don't already have one you NEED one!

Monday, November 8, 2010


the other day I really wanted to go out exploring downtown so I went and found this amazing little boutique on 9th street called Virgo.  I noticed their style was very much like mine and where I work so I had to peek inside!  Sure enough they knew where I worked and they said they love it!  The pieces at Virgo were absolutely to die for!  I wish I took pictures, I wasn't even thinking!  But I did get their business card and they have an awesome blog www.keepinitrealforreal.blogspot.com check it out!!  Their website is under construction but it's www.boosandbesito.com/virgo!  And if you are a virgo you get 10% off how cool is that (I'm a virgo) :)  Anyways I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I just haven't had the time!!  Running around everywhere, moving, working, sleeping :), working out...too much to do not enough time to do it in!  Here is an image from their blog with new ipad covers and boots they got in recently!  Have a great week!  I'll try and post again soon!  Oooooo I can post the new McFadin BEAUTIFULLLL bag that I purchased today!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

fall oh how i love you

It is the beginning of a new chapter...I had my birthday and now I am moving out of the parental's house to Hollywood where I belong <3.  Words cannot describe my excitement for Oct 3rd.  It's time to grow the fuck up and gain my independence.  I am lucky enough to say I have a job and I am even more lucky to say I love the girls I work with!!  Happy Fall, soooo glad you are here!!!! Ps this picture was from the other night and I just adored it...wearing a vintage jacket, UO dress, All Saints necklace and a crapload of jewelry cuz that's how I roll ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

vampire teeth.

nuff said :)
happy almost hump day

Sunday, August 1, 2010

elle japan.

Yay Elle Japan!!!!  I really don't think that this is a flattering picture, but I am totally stoked that I got to be in Elle Japan!  The Japanese have AMAZING style..way better than here in the US :)  Thanks Eri!!!  We love when you come stop by the store!!! xo...yes my hair is blonde now :)

sunday afternoon.

I have now got the handle on the new Iphone App called Hipstamatic and have become so obsessed that I bought all the App has to offer including different flashes, lenses and film!  It is so much fun to play with!  I was bored driving home from work in traffic and decided to take a pic of my new favorite piece of jewelry..I got it at a boutique on Robertson..I forget the name, but it was totally cheap!  Anywho sorry I haven't posted in awhile work has been crazy and it's only going to get crazier :( but I am happy to be busy.  Once things calm down one of my girlfriends and I want to start our own jewelry line..what do you think?..I think it would be sooo much fun and I am in the mood to be more creative :)  I still have to figure out how to make these pictures bigger!!!  Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

<3 LowLuv X Erin Wasson <3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a plethora of personalities... from one persona to another

s n e e k . p r e v i e w .  p e r s o n a . t o . p e r s o n a 

a . b a l l e t i c . i m m e r s i o n







c u r t a i n . c l o s e d

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

grey ant & bleach

Yesterday my coworker wanted to stop into Joyrich and I just had to go :) I ended up getting a leopard hoodie thats to die for and I'm sure you'll see it in future posts. At the store I came across these AMAZING Grey Ant Sunglasses that I am truly Dying over!!! Problem is they are $230 ouch :( Other than that I am now going back to bleach blonde and start the transition mid-April..I am totally excited!!!

Erin Wasson I love!

Taylor you have inspired my blonde-ness :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


browsing around I came across these photos from the 70s, grunge, Coachella and the 90s..ps I am so jealous of you lil' fashionistas that get to go to Coachella..I'm 24 and still haven't gone :( one of these days I have to make time and go...I am just always working weekends.. enjoy the photos!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Its SPRING time!!! I am excited to start wearing color..well some color..went shopping at Nordys the other day and found 5 tops that I became infatuated with. This floral top being one of them.
button down: Millau LF Stores
Top: Nordys by Alternative Limited Addition
Shorts: Car Mar LF Stores
Neclaces: Big Horn : H&M Little horn: SOS
lace crop top: Millau LF Stores

frye boots...these were by far the best investment I have ever made while thrift shopping, to this day I still cannot believe I found these for only 70 bucks!

malibu wine.

I totally forgot to post some of these pictures from our Malibu Winery Birthday bash for my cousin!! It was sooo gorgeous, made me miss weekends off..having a sat and sun off would be my ultimate dream haha. Anywho it was for my Cousins 40th Birthday and you get to taste wine all day! There were picnic tables and grassy knolls and gorgeous hills with beautiful flowers! I just had to take advantage and take pics wherever. The boy underneath whom you have seen before is the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever ask for..it'll be 6 years in July..its quite something to grow up with another person, more like your other half..that knows everything and anything about you and would jump in front of a bus for you..i love him

wearing vintage dress, levi jacket, falke socks, miz mooz boots, vintage sunglassesthe flower jonathan picked for me..by the end of the day it was wilting..

Monday, March 15, 2010


playing with my new macbook pro!!! It was my first day at my new job and I am absolutely in love!!! My boss cannot be any sweeter!! I can't wait for the future to come!
fringe top: millau
knit top: emma and sam
necklace: vintage
shoes: mariel by JC

the mariel!!!
from right: charles david, mariel by JC, Nation by JC anddd Cast by JC..can you tell I have a slight problem when it comes to JC..I just cant get enough of him!!!
shabby chic