Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a wonderful day off that consisted of nails, blogging, eyebrows waxed and ofcourse, barnes and noble. Amanda took pics of me today...and we went to Bargain Boutique. I ended up getting a $20 full length fur coat, bow earrings, gorgeous ring and a beautiful candle holder that matches the one I bought there on a previous outing..gotta love old people volunteering at a thrift store. I also started a new chapter today too! I used to be a workout junkie, but with my long hour days at work I have become a slacker and I hate it! Sooo I have decided to quit 24 hr fitness and go back to the small gym I used to go to called M6 Fitness. I will now be taking a 730am bootcamp class everyday and start my morning off right! I am sooo stoked and tonight I got to take my most favorite class ever..Boxing!!! I am such a happy camper right now! Cant wait to get back into shape and feel less blah!!!
Please leather jacket (LF stores)
Emma and Sam knit (LF Stores)
honeydew bra
AA leggings
H&M horn necklace (its sparkly)
vintage sunglasses (Bargain Boutique)
Juicy leather bag (gift from auntie for graduation :) ) gotta love an aunt who is a complete fashionista at 60..ish ;)
F21 shoes (soo comfy too!)
random hoodie

my new bow earrings!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


necklace: SOS
bangles: assorted
I had the most amazing time in Cancun with my 5 girlfriends...we made 20 new friends whom we will never forget!! The reason I posted this picture is because if I could go back to one moment of this trip this would be it..complete bliss <3 thanks lynds for your paparazzi skills!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Last night I started packing EVERYTHING for hot weather for my trip and while I was doing so, I figured out my outfit for today for work and this is what I came up until I actually have time/get an amazing Canon Camera these crappy pics are all I have goin on..but I am hoping soon that that wont be the case....
cardigan- zara
necklace- anthropology
dress- Rodarte for Target (best $40 purchase ever)
boots- Brit by Jeffrey Campbell my new obsession to bring into Spring...Brit boot by Jeffrey Campbell (LF Stores)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


so today was my day off and consisted of a huge list I needed to do before I go on my vacation on Sunday. Including nails, going to Wasteland as well as Crossroads to sell clothes, Target etc... My day ONLY consisted of my nails and my clothes not being taken by any thrift store ( off to goodwill) and getting a $40 ticket violation for parking in red ( I DIDNT park in the red and took a picture), lovely BUT my one most happiest moment of today was getting my clip-in hair extentions..yes I chose clip-in ones because I figured I still love my short hair too...anyways they arent exactly the same color, but close enough and I am in love! Thanks Mandypoo for taking the pic of my hair...the hair extentions are by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves called HairDo and only $95..llovvessss it!!! Cant wait to be off from work for a full week!!!! night night

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i found these sunglasses at a local buy sell trade place called The Closet. They have amazing little treasures! and for really cheap! this was taken on one of my many adventures with Amanda...i would be sooo much wealthier if it wasnt for that girl!! :)