Thursday, September 22, 2011


So lately, as in probably the last month or so, I have been strangely addicted to taking pictures of food and lights with my Instagram camera (which by the way I am super super excited that my dad is giving me his Nikon D200 Camera).  Well on FNO, mmmm Venice, my friend Taylar and I passed this store that looked more like a home, but was closed.  So instead of going in, which I would have totally done, I took a picture (duh).  If I could have foliage like this in my studio errrrrr 400 sq foot apartment :) I would.  But to compensate I do have a light up tree branch thing that sits in a glass jar by my tv as well as lights that hang from my mirror...that are on...sometimes.  I think I need one of those balls...oo and maybe a chandelier, although my apartment was made in the 50's so there's a lot of dry wall....also known as me with my gfs trying to hang a mosquito canopy net when I first moved dry wall...for 4 hours...but we did it :D and if you knew me you would find this very entertaining if you were a fly on the wall.. mmmmm yay... needless to say there are a few holes in my ceiling that from time to time make me jump because I think it's a spider..since I can't technically see much without my contacts.. once I am in bed...on that note it's time for bed and I am sooooooooo happy to see my lovie tomorrow night for some brainstorming and projects...stay tuned ;) oh and I will probably continue to upload pics of lights and food...haven't been in the clothes mood...but then again that could change tomorrow :) night.

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