Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ok so about half my News Feed on FB is <3 engaged to blah blah...mostly EVERYONE from high school.  So it got me thinking...well first off I would need a man...but second engagement photos duh!...where and what will I be wearing?!  I see all these pictures on the beach or like the meadow with branches and crap...I NEED to be different.  I came across this Elle spread of Justin and Mila and died.  Justin, yum.  Mila, gorg.  Perfect couple, perfect pictures.  THIS is what I would want...or at least something like it!...well I mean I would love JT in my engagement photos, but monkeys aren't flying out of my ass anytime soon AND I would love to look like Mila BUT I wont :)...I just love the innocence of these pictures and how beautiful they are.  Luckily my Dad is a photographer, check him out here.  My best friend is a ridiculous Hair Stylist and can do ANYTHING!  Check her out here. ...and now for a man....any takers ;)... I mean that sums it up right? haha probs not but still.  Oh and if someone can give me the heads up on how to make the pictures bigger on this blog site that would be appreciated.  I know you have to dl a different program I am just a tard unless someone shows me how.  Gawd it feels good to be back.

 my fav <3

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