Wednesday, December 30, 2009

red lips.

i am newly obsessed with my purchase from Forever stripped top with poofy sleeves (only $15)
infinity scarf- LF Stores
red stripped top-forever 21
harem sweatpants- splendid (bought at a buy sell trade place called the closet)
zoe boots by sam edelman- LF Stores
lipstick-Nars red lizard
leather jacket- Please (LF stores)
top- emma and sam (LF stores)
necklace- Diva

ok so here it is my everyday life...
my jewelry that i wear pretty much everyday
bracelets- forever 21
watch- michael kors
ring- Soixante Neuf (planet blue)
ring w/ black stone- Diva
gold ring- vintage
heart ring- tiffany & co

my baby..present to myself for my birthday this year...

inside my purse....yes i know i have a crapload of stuff...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

rip brittany murphy.

Clueless will forever be my favorite movie. You will be missed.

barnes and noble day.

Luella. How I love thee. Sadly to say Luella will not be making any more collections and has even stopped production for SS10...I absolutely love Ms. Bartley's work and hope for a change in the future of Luella. (her designs scream Carly)
Pony Attack
New Katrina Twisted Tunic
My new obsession and only $45!!! They even have a 1 min, 1 tee, 15 ways to wear it video to show you how awesome this piece really is! check it out!!! It comes in black too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

miss capricho.

I came across a painting of this on a friends facebook and absolutely fell head over heals. The website is have to check out her art work its awesome!!! These few images were my favorite!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hanukkah dinner.
millau woven top
millau studded jacket
hue leggings
sam edelman zoe :) and the bf :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow. Cat Burglar Barbie by Christian Louboutin...nuff said..check her out here .
umm can I be her???

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sunday night.

I decided to play around...
fur vest: forever 21
top: dads closet (urban outfitters)
shorts: target
boots: Jeffrey Campbell
fringe top: millau
spandex tights: AA
I absolutely love my fur vest..I think I would wear this outfit with sheer tights as well...I was bored, playing around with my camera :) Have a great night!

shoes: Sam Edelman (Zoe)

the getty villa.

Today was a gorgeous day off of work! My friend Amanda (as I have said in previous posts is an Art History Major) needed to find a sculpture to write about at the Getty Villa. I was so stoked when she wanted me to come with her! I had never been to the getty villa and was thrilled I had someone to go with :) Our friend Stephanie and her mom came as well...It was a nice little outing! Below are a few of the sculptures or items I found to be facinating, but I took like a million pictures
What I am wearing:
Top: Emma and Sam (LF stores)...I absolutely liivee in my basics
Jeans: J Brand..ive got wider hips and smaller legs so J Brand is my favorite!
Lace Bra: Honeydew
Boots: my NEW Jeffrey Campbell boots!!! Got them as an early chrismakkah prezie :)
sunglasses: vintage from Bargain Boutique
Bag: love..and really inexpensive, I figured as a trend I should stick to inexpensive :)

Statuette of a Gladiator..gladiators would put them in their pockets as a protective amulet..i wanted one!

remarkable jewelry that i wanted to wear!!!

Leda and the Swan..discovered in 1775..this one reminded me of Bjork ;)

Muse..the muses were nine goddesses of the arts and sciences who inspired poets and philosophers..i loved her hair and the fact that this statue was a profile

Ancient glass that blew me away..I can't believe things like glass can be THAT old and in tact

Monday, November 16, 2009

fucking genius.

I have absolutely no idea how these girls walk in the McQueen shoes but they are utterly amazing! So Beyond! I have known about these shoes for quite some time now and Lady Gaga wore them in her new video "Bad Romance". If you haven't check out her new video she is a fucking genius. Check out the music video here. I'm obsessed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

its a new day.

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I have been busy with work and frankly demotivated and uninspired. But I am back on my game and ready to blog again! Today was a lazy day butttt I finally got my hair done (hence the pic) and I am sooo in love!!! I have had it this dark in the past, but my hair got sooo light these past few months I forgot how much I love the dark! Tomorrow is a new day and I will be going out to dinner with my lovies Scills and Jeff, but I will make sure and post something!!! I went to Barnes and Noble and as usual obsessed with Nylon Mag. More about that tomorrow!
top: splendid
jeans: william rast
hat: pink zone
hair: cleos :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

alpinestars by denise focil

Denise Focil is a designer I came across in Nylon Mag this afternoon. I loved her simple yet trendy designs that are retail friendly. She was born in Guayaquil Ecuador and is the Clothing Designer for Alpinestars.
Denise Focil:

megan fox.

If you were to ask a guy if he found Megan Fox attractive his immediate response would be Yes. If you were to ask a girl if she was attracted to girls who would be your go to girl...their response would be (if not Angelina Jolie) Megan Fox. She might not be the most talented, especially recently with her eating boys movie, but damn she is gorgeous! My Nylon Mag came in the mail and her spread in the Mag was good. I mean I am kinda tired of her telling us about how she was the ugly duckling, not talented, and really insecure (with her amazing body), but I gotta give it to her she looked sooo good in her photo shoot with Nylon. Whoever styled her bravo to you! I am loving the studded blazer over the plaid!!

gemma slack.

Meet Gemma Slack. She is a London designer and Black seems to be her favorite color. Her inspirations are Thierry Mugler and Hussein Chalayan. Her work reminds me of Lady Gaga meets Gothic. Her visionary work is amazing and her designs, flawless.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


the bf and I are going to be a couple from the 1930s..or at least thats what I want to be :) and I just really like this photo...hmmm fur coat, evening gown, gloves, cig holder, red lips, pearls..

simply studded.

In case you haven't noticed already, studs are the hottest to die for trends of the season. I was doing some blogging tonight to get some inspiration for work, and came across these studded lovlies. I am excited to put some of my pieces in my closet together for a night out!