Tuesday, April 6, 2010

grey ant & bleach

Yesterday my coworker wanted to stop into Joyrich and I just had to go :) I ended up getting a leopard hoodie thats to die for and I'm sure you'll see it in future posts. At the store I came across these AMAZING Grey Ant Sunglasses that I am truly Dying over!!! Problem is they are $230 ouch :( Other than that I am now going back to bleach blonde and start the transition mid-April..I am totally excited!!!

Erin Wasson I love!

Taylor you have inspired my blonde-ness :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


browsing around I came across these photos from the 70s, grunge, Coachella and the 90s..ps I am so jealous of you lil' fashionistas that get to go to Coachella..I'm 24 and still haven't gone :( one of these days I have to make time and go...I am just always working weekends.. enjoy the photos!