Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So this past weekend, as always, was filled with things to do and projects to accomplish...well that and buying shoes.  I went to the Rosebowl Flea Market and purchased a few pieces, got my first Penelope and Coco pair of shoezies ;), and found a pair of amazing leopard heals by Zigi Girl that I had to have.  My grandma also took me to a new place that I can now say is yet another sanctuary of mine to escape to called Akashic Bookstore.  I didn't even get to see the whole store because the jewelry was in front and we had to leave...after an hour of looking in one case :)  I will take pictures of the rings my grandma bought me later.  They are beautiful vintage fav :)

Zigi Girl

Vintage shelving unit with vintage bottles (one says 'poison', 'emerson drug co' and 'for teeth') I plan on putting some daisies in them, my first plant-cactus so I don't kill it and a little vintage sign.  I could have spent all day there...I live for my Sundays at the flea markets.


                the Dreamcatcher I found at Akashic Bookstore that I knew would be perfect for my car 

Ok so I have had several posts about Penelope and Coco and I know can say I am a proud owner of my first pair (I am on the left) along with the girls I work with :)
 Upclose and personal to Zigi Girl

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mr. Kate

If you haven't heard of Mr.Kate jewelry you have to check her out...I am not sure what exactly she DOESN'T do.  Interior Design, Jewelry, Videos,  DIYs and Amazingness...oober jealous!  Anywho this Stache is made by her and I also received an ear cuff in the mail that you will later see once I develop my film :).  This weekend was so much fun!  As per ushhh I went home for the weekend to spend time with the loves of my life.  Food, working out, naps and Malibu Winery.  It was a perfect weekend that I most definitely needed, despite the fact that I don't really drink wine.  Ya I said it I don't really drink wine.  I have tried SO MANY and I still have yet to find my favorite, although on Sunday at Malibu Winery my friend and I thought some white wine sounded crispy.  And to my surprise this Orange Muscat (sp/don't know if that's really the name of it) was really good.  Of course me being the annoying picture whore, I was all over this place taking pictures right and left and even got in trouble with the security guard for "hiking drunk up the dirt hill..."errr I wasn't THAT drunk geez I just wanted a good pic!  Doesn't he know about good lighting!  Anywho my other friend was patient enough/artsy enough/amazing enough to tag along with me with her camera as we took pictures like we were dating.  It was glorious.  I will for sure be posting them I said earlier. mmmmmm guess that's it.  This is a fb status that stood out to me today:
Never take someone for granted.  Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

**I think I might add quotes or status's that helped me get through the day or that inspired me, or that made me laugh somehow...ya, ya I like that :)
oh and Mr. Kate's website is you MUST take a peek at all her goodies!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So lately, as in probably the last month or so, I have been strangely addicted to taking pictures of food and lights with my Instagram camera (which by the way I am super super excited that my dad is giving me his Nikon D200 Camera).  Well on FNO, mmmm Venice, my friend Taylar and I passed this store that looked more like a home, but was closed.  So instead of going in, which I would have totally done, I took a picture (duh).  If I could have foliage like this in my studio errrrrr 400 sq foot apartment :) I would.  But to compensate I do have a light up tree branch thing that sits in a glass jar by my tv as well as lights that hang from my mirror...that are on...sometimes.  I think I need one of those balls...oo and maybe a chandelier, although my apartment was made in the 50's so there's a lot of dry wall....also known as me with my gfs trying to hang a mosquito canopy net when I first moved dry wall...for 4 hours...but we did it :D and if you knew me you would find this very entertaining if you were a fly on the wall.. mmmmm yay... needless to say there are a few holes in my ceiling that from time to time make me jump because I think it's a spider..since I can't technically see much without my contacts.. once I am in bed...on that note it's time for bed and I am sooooooooo happy to see my lovie tomorrow night for some brainstorming and projects...stay tuned ;) oh and I will probably continue to upload pics of lights and food...haven't been in the clothes mood...but then again that could change tomorrow :) night.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

penelope and coco.

I have definitely done a post regarding Penelope and coco.  Well I can truly say that the woman behind the shoe line is the most gorgeous, talented and brilliant person.  Her shoes are like art pieces.  I FINALLY was able to grab a pair and I CANNOT wait to get them in the mail aka every time someone comes into work with a package I think it's for me....Anywho I went to this shindig at the Revolve store for a little drinky poo of some champagne to see Penelope and coco as well as some other vendors.  And ofcourse bloggers and photogs where there :)  to my lovely surprise my girlfriend found this gem on Refinery 29

I was super stoked on what the girl said about me!  Too cute!  I am wearing Jeffrey Campbell "throwdown" shoes, One Teaspoon dress, vintage hat, LF leather jacket. <3  Yay to feeling put together!

**seriously though on making the picture bigger! help!**


Ok so about half my News Feed on FB is <3 engaged to blah blah...mostly EVERYONE from high school.  So it got me thinking...well first off I would need a man...but second engagement photos duh!...where and what will I be wearing?!  I see all these pictures on the beach or like the meadow with branches and crap...I NEED to be different.  I came across this Elle spread of Justin and Mila and died.  Justin, yum.  Mila, gorg.  Perfect couple, perfect pictures.  THIS is what I would want...or at least something like it!...well I mean I would love JT in my engagement photos, but monkeys aren't flying out of my ass anytime soon AND I would love to look like Mila BUT I wont :)...I just love the innocence of these pictures and how beautiful they are.  Luckily my Dad is a photographer, check him out here.  My best friend is a ridiculous Hair Stylist and can do ANYTHING!  Check her out here. ...and now for a man....any takers ;)... I mean that sums it up right? haha probs not but still.  Oh and if someone can give me the heads up on how to make the pictures bigger on this blog site that would be appreciated.  I know you have to dl a different program I am just a tard unless someone shows me how.  Gawd it feels good to be back.

 my fav <3

9 months.

Wow.   I have not been on for 9 months!  Crazyness.  Well this is what I have been up to....hmmm since January...I have moved on from retail and onto wholesale...went from being in a relationship for 7 years to being single...went from blonde to ombre (figured I would follow the trend)...went from eating sweets on the reg to none at all....went from buying to DIYing....pretty much sums it up..haven't missed much :) Here are some pictures (if you aren't already friends with me on FB-I am a whore when it comes to pictures) to see what I have been..well...doing...?...

My studio: A work in progress, but still my little nest I get to come home to...

Global Party I attended with a few of my girlfriends with my extensions...I named Lolita...

I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT dreamcatcher sifting through vintage and thrift stores to Anthropology to crazy expensive ones online and I FINALLY found UO of all places!  I was with a girlfriend of mine and when I saw it I got the chills...thats when I know it's something I HAVE to have!  It is beautiful...the feathers, the turquoise stones, the color...its me...if I was a dreamcatcher :)

So I did it...I did what EVERY other Fashionista has done and went Ombre.  I felt like I had to at least try it and I am not gonna lie, I really really love it.  I am going in on Saturday to get more blonde at the tips.  I get so bored and I am ALWAYS changing my hair because it always grows :)

This is the love of my life Jack...his mom is in the above picture.  Since I am the only child him and his sister call me Auntie Carly <3  They both are my babies :) oh and I have become OBSESSED with Instagram App!  I take everything picture with it!

It was my birthday on the 2nd, so what did  I do? ummm shop...and when I mean shop I mean go into every Vintage store in Ocean Beach and find any goodie I could get my hands on.  Luckily my friend Lynds is patient enough to tag along.  I was on the mission for jewelry and furniture.  Did and done.

Made time for last minute adventures...K and I at the W hotel for a random night of feels good to be spontaneous.

This is while I was in San Diego for my birthday.  These angle wings are by a coffee shop in Pacific Beach and its been a going on trend for me to take a picture with them whenever I get a chance to.

Another one of my projects <3
 My hair...when I actually have the time to do it aka Lindsay..she is unbelievable at hair especially updos-its her thing!! Check out her website out here.  I NEVER go out without her doing my hair!

A little goodie found on the internet for inspiration for my room :)

I noticed that I have been taking A LOT of pictures of light fixtures...or just lights...oh and food.

These are just a few quotes that are getting me through the rough's been 6 months and it still stings...I am afraid my heart was taken and I will never get it back...