Monday, February 1, 2010


The day I took these pictures I had off of work and went to Brents Deli (Amazing place by far my most favorite restaurant) as well as hoping over to the mall to grab some things..later that night I had bday celebrations for my boyfriend with his entire family, including Jeff and Kate who came from SacTown!!! It was awesome seeing Kate with her little baby bump! Shes gonna be an adorable mom and you can't even tell she is pregnant from the back shes so tiny!!! Anyways I had work and will be working the rest of this week :( but at least I have a job right?? xoxo!
hat: urban outfitter
top: splendid (got it at the Closet-buy sell trade place)
shorts: urban oufitters
tights: bcbg
necklace: H&M
boots: Frye (also at the Closet) in mint condition for only $70 bucks!!!
purse: Zara
sunglasses: cheap ones :) I cant afford getting nice ones and loosing them..

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