Thursday, February 25, 2010


went off to the bargain boutique and purchased a norman rockwell poster, some candle holders, and vintage earrings..then I proceeded to go to Barnes and Noble to purchase the Kelly Cutrone book called "If you have to cry go outside and other thigns your mother never told you"...cant wait to read it! Along with some little things I found and couldnt live without...
Sweater: Fairfax Flea Market by a girl named Junko (PURRR) is her line..she was adorable and had so many different sweaters i had to choose 2! Almost every sweater or top had a detachable bow on it and we all know how obsessed I am with anything that has bows! This one was my favorite because I could pair it with a highwaisted skirt or just wear with leggings (she was the sweetest)
Skirt: From The Closet (UO)
Tights: UO
Sunglasses: The Closet
Shoes: LF Stores 60% off Sale (twice a year thay have the most ridiculous sale)

my new vintage earrings from Bargain Boutique

Necklace is from a guy at the Fairfax Flea Market...story behind it is I guess he found an Owl's Claw on the side of the road and got inspired to make this piece along with other animal skulls he has found...pretty awesome for $20, the chain was from his neighbor, my nails are done by CT Nails on Fairfax and Santa Monica, they are airbrushed and you can do any design you can think of!

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