Saturday, July 18, 2009

simple solutions and comparative shopping

I am going to try my best and post a blog everyday, so sorry for not posting one last night. I came home from work and ended up going out to dinner with friends and stayed out pretty late. Work was exhausting today and I am so ready for a better day tomorrow. Last week I went to Barnes and Noble and came across a book called Real Simple Solutions . It shows all these really neat diys!! I am sure most of you have heard of it and I have too, but I finally got a chance to look through it and here are some of the cool ideas it mentioned..

Ok so maybe my camera taking skills of the page werent so great buttt this is an ice maker tray and what a nifty idea! Use it not only for ice, but for your little trinkits..rings, earrings etc!! I thought it was cool because I am always loosing little earrings in my jewelry drawer.

Pencil Eraser!!!

a. mistake corrector
b. earring securer!!!!

I loose the backings to my earrings all the time! I have like 9 I have to keep track of!

Last, but definitely not least (there were so many fix it ideas I had to pick my favs) this is a sweater with a pumice stone

a. Callus reducer

b. Pill remover for a wool sweater, get those nasty balls of material off stat!!!

After looking through the book and guided myself to my favorite section of Barnes..magazines! aahhhhh!! I was looking through Elle and found these bad boys!!! Not only are they amazing I found knockoffs!

These shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti that can be found here for $751 OORRRRRR..

These awesome ones named the ROCKER by Jeffrey Campbell EXCLUSIVE to LF stores for only $125 click here.

I own them and I think they are ridiculously amazing!! and comfortable!!! They come in tan with a white wedge and black with a black wedge

Another sweet deal I found were white slash denim! I found some by Acne which look like this for $325 butt LF stores still have them beat (pic on the bottom-find here for $196)!!! In case you cant tell I am so in love with LF stores!

And here is what I wore for the day!

fedora: pink zone (for $12)
throw over: Millau (LF stores)
Tank: Emma and Sam ( LF stores)
Denim: Era of Chaos (LF stores)
body armor: DIY plus forever 21
shoes: my favorite pair I own..Kelsi Dagger (LF stores)

Goodnight girlies!!! and boys too ;) until tomorrow! Hope everyone is having an awesome fun weekend! the weather is soooo hot! make sure and hit the beach!!! I would if I could!!!

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