Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one mans trash is anothers mans treasure

I have always been a Nordys girl at heart, but ever since working in the Fashion Industry and following fashion blogs like it's my job, I have grown a true appreciation for thrift and for vintage. My friend Amanda was so excited to take me thrift shopping that we decided to go yesterday since I had the day off. We ended up going to a local thrift store that she had never been in and was dying to see what it was like. Bargain Boutique is not only a great place it is run by Senior Citizens! All the grandmas were adorable! It has great clothes, furniture, and accessories..even though it was our first store I ended up getting my first pair of Vintage sunglasses and a really cool candle holder that reminded me of anthropologie. We headed over to Melrose where Amanda found two amazing purses! (so jealous). We have soo many more stores on our list!! Anywho here are my first pieces!!
Laura Biagiotti...when I got home I went on Ebay and found soo many of her sunglasses and for not too expensive, anywhere from $20-$60...I'm in love
This candle holder was only $12 and I just could not resist!!!!
my first two pieces!!!!

hat:Urban Outfitters
dress: Pink Zone (in san diego)
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: JC exclusive for LF stores

soo happy with my purchases! If anyone knows of any really cool vintage stores email me! carlybecker9285@yahoo.com!!

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