Saturday, March 20, 2010

malibu wine.

I totally forgot to post some of these pictures from our Malibu Winery Birthday bash for my cousin!! It was sooo gorgeous, made me miss weekends off..having a sat and sun off would be my ultimate dream haha. Anywho it was for my Cousins 40th Birthday and you get to taste wine all day! There were picnic tables and grassy knolls and gorgeous hills with beautiful flowers! I just had to take advantage and take pics wherever. The boy underneath whom you have seen before is the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever ask'll be 6 years in July..its quite something to grow up with another person, more like your other half..that knows everything and anything about you and would jump in front of a bus for you..i love him

wearing vintage dress, levi jacket, falke socks, miz mooz boots, vintage sunglassesthe flower jonathan picked for the end of the day it was wilting..

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