Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I went to Barnes and Noble today and piled up my fashion magazines in my arm and searched for a spot to be in my fashion bubble. I forget what magazine I came across, I think it may have been Elle, but I love looking at the photos and advertisements to get ideas for my next outfit or inspiration for my next blog post. These pictures are from Kabiri, a site in which I am now infatuated with.
This is the "Divorce Ring" by Gisele Ganne for Kabiri...not sure how to translate the cost into US dollars but it was over a comma.

This one is called " Nest Ring" by Vernissage for Kabiri
This one is my FAVORITE called the "Peacock Diamond Ring" by Daniela Villegas at Kabiri
And last but certainly not least the "Palm Feather Ring" by Jessica Robinson at Kabiri

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