Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mcfadin purch.

So I had a meeting to go to the other day and needed a purse to fit all of my crap in.  Needless to say I had my heart set on this one purse..size of a carry-on, for awhile and I made it mine.  The purse is by the sisters Stacy and Laurie McFadin.  They are all Handmade in Texas with the inspiration of Fashion, Love, and their Texan Heritage!  Check out their website, they have this Amazing fringe purse I am drooling over ehem Hanukkah/Christmas...Well back to traffic school..they have this timer situation now so you can't go forward until the timer is up therefore you have to take 8 hours of online traffic school :(  I'm never speeding again!  Happy Hump Day!  Oo and I forgot to mention the FeAtHeRs!  The feathers are a clip in for your hair and they are now a current staple to my everyday outfit <3  If you don't already have one you NEED one!

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