Monday, August 3, 2009

i want these

Cecilia De Bucourt Chain Scarf...umm i want it $180

Shop Planet Blue

Fiona Paxton Sylvie Necklace $300

Shop Bop The converse on the top are Kettle Black Converse for $525 and on the bottom is LF stores Converse EXCLUSIVE to them for $188 (they come in white and black)...umm I choose LF! :)

Sorry I havent been blogging for the past couple of days. Work has been hectic and there are so many birthdays in July and August!!! The days I have had off have been consisting of decorating my room, unpacking still, and well shopping :) Hope everyones weekend was awesome!!! My weekend starts today! yay! Off to go birthday shoppin for LC!!! Happy Birthday in only a few days!!!! love u!!! Tomorrow Im getting the hair done...blonde or brunette??..guess ill figure it out when I get there.. Have a great Monday!!! xoxo!

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