Monday, August 10, 2009

fedora hats

Wow I cant believe I have taken this long to do another post!!! I have been such a crazy woman working!!! all I do is work, drive home, eat and sleep and maybe a lil gym time if I can. Last week I had a photo shoot with Kenneth and I had so much fun changing outfits! And in case you didnt already notice I have a tiny obsession with fedora hats..if you have a place that I can get a really cool one that would be awesome...this week is going to be a crazy week for me, but I am gonna try and give you girlies some inspiration i promise!!! have a good night!!!! xoxo!
grey fedora- pink zone ( in san diego)
black lace top- victorias secret
top-forever 21
layered necklaces-forever 21
shoes-kelsi dagger

lace dress-vintage

tutu- H&M

bra- victorias secret

necklace- vintage

peeptoe shoes- charles david

jean jacket- abercrombie

boots- JC boots

belt- UO

sunglasses- vintage
chambre top- forever 21
white denim shorts- Car Mar (LF stores)
watch- silver MK

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