Thursday, January 7, 2010


so today was my day off and consisted of a huge list I needed to do before I go on my vacation on Sunday. Including nails, going to Wasteland as well as Crossroads to sell clothes, Target etc... My day ONLY consisted of my nails and my clothes not being taken by any thrift store ( off to goodwill) and getting a $40 ticket violation for parking in red ( I DIDNT park in the red and took a picture), lovely BUT my one most happiest moment of today was getting my clip-in hair extentions..yes I chose clip-in ones because I figured I still love my short hair too...anyways they arent exactly the same color, but close enough and I am in love! Thanks Mandypoo for taking the pic of my hair...the hair extentions are by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves called HairDo and only $95..llovvessss it!!! Cant wait to be off from work for a full week!!!! night night

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