Tuesday, September 22, 2009

filth mart & the closet

My really good girlfriend Amanda told me about a vintage store named Filth Mart and couldn't wait to take me! It is a little hole in the wall with the best vintage I have seen yet!! Anything from Rolling Stone Tees, to Levi denim vests, and even handmade vintage sweatshirts by Darren Le Gallo!! I am definitely going to save up my paycheck for one of his sweatshirts ($250). I mean ya its really expensive, but you are wearing a piece of art, literally!! I tried to find his artwork online, but I couldn't find anything except this. The pieces he makes for Filth Mart are one of a kind and totally random. He makes it up as he goes with skulls, faces and quotes. Filth Mart is located on N. Fairfax Ave and their number is 323.848.8613. Check out their website here.
Along with checking out Filth Mart I came across a commercial for another buy-sell-trade company called The Closet. It just so happens it is only 15 min away from my house! I wasn't expecting much, but as soon as I walked in I already found things I would buy. Mind you I live in a town where True Religion Brand jeans and a sparkly top are the hottest thing around, so to my surprise there was more to this little resale boutique. Not only did I find $70 Frye mint condition boots (that I had to squeezzeeee my lil foot into) I found a silk leopard dress (totally not into leopard but for some reason this dress was perfect to me) I also picked up a pair of classic ray ban ish knockoffs. I am such a happy camper with all of my purchases!! The owner is named Johanna and she was the nicest girl ever! She even owns the one in Santa Barbara on State Street! Check her website out here.

Last, but not least I had to go back to CT Nails in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. Their number is 323.656.6189. They do amazing airbrush!!!! (Soixante Neuf hammered ring)

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