Sunday, November 22, 2009

the getty villa.

Today was a gorgeous day off of work! My friend Amanda (as I have said in previous posts is an Art History Major) needed to find a sculpture to write about at the Getty Villa. I was so stoked when she wanted me to come with her! I had never been to the getty villa and was thrilled I had someone to go with :) Our friend Stephanie and her mom came as well...It was a nice little outing! Below are a few of the sculptures or items I found to be facinating, but I took like a million pictures
What I am wearing:
Top: Emma and Sam (LF stores)...I absolutely liivee in my basics
Jeans: J Brand..ive got wider hips and smaller legs so J Brand is my favorite!
Lace Bra: Honeydew
Boots: my NEW Jeffrey Campbell boots!!! Got them as an early chrismakkah prezie :)
sunglasses: vintage from Bargain Boutique
Bag: love..and really inexpensive, I figured as a trend I should stick to inexpensive :)

Statuette of a Gladiator..gladiators would put them in their pockets as a protective amulet..i wanted one!

remarkable jewelry that i wanted to wear!!!

Leda and the Swan..discovered in 1775..this one reminded me of Bjork ;)

Muse..the muses were nine goddesses of the arts and sciences who inspired poets and philosophers..i loved her hair and the fact that this statue was a profile

Ancient glass that blew me away..I can't believe things like glass can be THAT old and in tact

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